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Discover the advantages of TPO- extruded by PMC, the industry leading supplier.


TPO (Thermoplastic Poly Olefin) is a compounded alloy of polypropylene, elastomers and mineral fillers offering a unique balance of stiffness and thermal expansion. TPO has superior weather-ability so it does not require a cap and it ranks extremely high on impact and chemical resistance.
PMC offers a wide range of different types and combinations of TPO which make us the leading supplier in the industry. Not only does PMC produce TPO in custom colors and finishes but we also make specialized grades to satisfy a range of needs.


// High Melt Strength // Utility
// Surface Durability // Flame Retardant


// High or Low Gloss // Decorative Film
// Soft-touch TPO (Exultra™ 2000) // Specialty
// Acrylic-capped TPO (StrataGem™ SMR)


// Exterior Panels // UTV Door Panels // Snowmobile Hoods
// RV Parts // ATV Roofs // Heavy Truck Exterior


    // Durability
    // Cold Weather Performance
    // Less than half the CLTE (Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion) of ABS and 75% lower than Polyethylene
    // Sound deadening characteristics
    // High melt strength

    // Recyclability

    // Custom colors, finishes and decorations

    // Specialized grades

    // protection and outdoor weatherability

High Melt Strength TPO

Working closely with the supply base, PMC continues to push the envelope in offering the latest technologies in high melt strength engineered TPOs. These “next generation” products allow for a broader process window, while maintaining all the critical properties of a performance TPO.

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For applications that need the toughness of TPO, but do not necessarily need the high melt strength of a premium product, PMC offers an affordable line of Utility products. These grades possess the low temperature ductility characteristics of their engineered counterparts with improved economics.

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Performance Cap Layers

Depending on the aesthetics and needs of the application, PMC offers a broad range of performance TPO cap layers.

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Soft Touch / Exultra

PMC's Exultra 2000 is a soft-touch TPE cap, TPO core, co-extruded product that is the first cost-effective, "green," recyclable product for innovative, structural, aesthetic and functional use in interior and exterior applications.

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Flame Retardant / FR

PMC allows you to achieve RoHS compliance with flame retardant ABS sheet and roll stock. Flame retardant ABS, HIPS and Polycarbonate blends are also available.

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