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PMC offers a wide range of HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene) resins.


High Impact Polystyrene is a versatile, economical and impact-resistant plastic that is easy to machine and fabricate. HIPS is often specified for low strength
structural applications when impact resistance, machinability, and low cost are required. Even though it needs a cap layer for weathering and has low resistance to chemicals, it’s easy to bond, paint, and print on, which are necessary for some applications. It also retains its properties after being
recycled and that saves money.
Despite the name it has low impact resistance when compared to other thermoformable materials, however, it has a higher impact rating within its family of polystyrenes due to the fact that it has been rubber modified.
PMC will custom color match to meet your exact specifications. We can also decorate and customize your HIPS product with co-extruded acrylic cap layers or laminated hot stamp foils.



    // Garage door panels

    // Garage door window inserts

    // Marine

    // RV

    // Specialty vehicle

    // Automotive aftermarket

    // Shutters

    // Appliances

    // Industrial

    // POP displays

    // Musical instruments

    // Shower surrounds